Sept 16th 2018

 Just happened to create a little song

I needed to practice guitar for class on Tuesday. I feel like I’m the ONLY student who can’t keep up with the class. I haven’t been practicing so I dedicated today to practice. Then I said F IT! I’m gonna make a song instead…

Under 15 min. I created a melody and I did not feel like fine tuning it or perfecting it… I really like the notes I played, so in the future when I have more time I will perfect it.


Put some random lyrics together in one take and it’s actually not too bad.


  • For breakfast, I ate pasta, butter, and salt.
  • For lunch, I ate McDonalds French fries.
  •  For Dinner, I ate salmon, potatoes, beets, and green beans. (my grandpa cooked * literally the only time I eat good*)

HOw I FeeL at the MOment


SAD n ALONE…Not used to all my besties being gone at the same time.

 SAD…I can’t find any good music.

Mad that healthy food costs so damn much.

Happy that I made money off art I created.


but on the bright side, I cleaned my room and now I have a peace of mind

Goodnight my friends 🙂

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